For our (rare) english readers, a translation of my previous post. What every web designer and SEO/SEM should know about Jack Bauer :

Long time ago, the spider lacked respect to Jack Bauer. None has never seen him since.

Once, Jack bauer interrogated Jeeves. This is why the search engine is now just named "Ask".

Many years ago, Northerlight blacklisted Jack's first homepage. Northernlight was Jacklisted.

If Jack Bauer was a search engine, it would be to the users to answer Jack's queries.

If Jack was a search engine, its index would already be clean of any website.

If Jack Bauer was a spider, invisible web would be a myth.

Jack Bauer joined Google. Hence Bigdaddy.

Serious webmasters try to comply with W3C. W3C try to comply with Jack.

Some time ago, W3C's validator said that Jack's website didn't comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Hence WCAG 2.

There were too many bad jokes about Jack Bauer on the Web. This is why Web 1.0 is now history.

(Freely inspired from the Jack Bauer facts)